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ReadWorks passages and quizes

ReadWorks provides research-based units, lessons, and authentic, leveled non-fiction and literary passages.

Free-to-Assign Lessons

Free, standards-aligned lessons are available from the Qlovi Store.

Public domain books

Qlovi features hundreds of popular public domain books for free use.

Reading & Writing Instruction

Assessment creation and assignment

Qlovi's assessment creation tools allow you to easily assign Warm Ups, Exit Tickets, Quizes, Readings, and Essays.

Automatic assessment grading

Qlovi automatically grades closed-ended questions like multiple choice and true or false, saving you time.

Essay rubrics

Easily grade essay tasks with a built-in, 6-trait rubric.

Feedback messaging

Provide valuable feedback to your students on every assigned task.

Reporting & Data

Common Core Standards performance tracking

Align assessments to the Common Core State Standards and track standards-specific performance of your students.

Reading performance tracking

Track and review what and how much your students are reading.